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Design Collective’s staff prides themselves on strong design principles, creative vigour and a wealth of experience. We are a multifaceted professional team that ensures perfectly executed conceptual development, meticulous design documentation, continual communications with the client and strong management and execution skills.

“We advocate continuous exposure to global design trends and technological advancements while acknowledging contextual appropriateness and the importance of individual requirements.”

We have been involved with and completed numerous interior architectural projects, in Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, United Kingdom, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Seychelles, Egypt and India.

From Royal Palaces, Private Residences and Luxury Apartments – International Airports, Shopping Centres and High End Retail Stores – Commercial Buildings, Executive and Open Plan Offices to Educational Centres – Fine Dining Restaurants and Franchise Outlets – Hotels, Resorts, Spas and Lodges.

The same design philosophy applies to all of these disciplines, which is to create a unique environment that meets the Clients brief, stays within budget and is delivered on time.

We have and intend to create positive reactions to our spaces; they must feel right and generate an emotional connection to the design. Our designs must be successful, stress free solutions that are cost-conscious and fulfil our design vision and client expectations. Acknowledging that trust is a key principal in the client-interior architect relationship, we at Design Collective invest in understanding expectations and building relationships.

The team at Design Collective have travelled extensively around the world and worked with a vast range of International Clients. We have collaborated with culturally diverse teams.

To treat each project as a journey of design discovery & take the time to stop imagine and reflect on the elements that are important to our client and how our design can enhance these. To use design to solve a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible, creating a result that is honest and timeless.

Our key motivation for a successful project is to fully understand our client brief and ultimately their dream and make it a reality with the minimal amount of stress on them. We enhance our emotional connection with all projects by visual impact, relationships, the budget – to create a perfect result and successful product.

We harness the fresh approach of our young designers and the creative intuition of our experienced designers for a collective approach to Interior Design and Architectural solutions. This approach ensures that designs are creative, timesless, unique, honest, have passion & integrity.

Design that fulfills its function. Design that respects its material and construction methods. Design that meets the project budgets. Design that is honest to its surrounding environment and design that enhances its site and its heritage.


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conceptual design

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installation coordination

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the true essence of the space – Design Collective



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