March 2017 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - India Nandos India

About the Project

Nandos is situated on the second floor of DLF Promenade with beautiful views from double volume windows on the outer perimeter of the restaurant.

As with the other existing Nandos Restaurants in India it was time to convert DLF Promenade to the Hosted Cockerel service model. This was a great opportunity for Design Collective to get involved, and add a sparkle to the restaurant incorporating the new and trending brand visual identity.

The Hosted Cockerel service model, incorporates a larger service counter and queing area for patrons to order their favourite meal with ease. In addition to the service counter conversion, numerous condiment stations are carefully placed throughout the restaurant to make it convenient for the guest to help themselves to bottomless sodas and a variety of famous Nandos sauces.

Using the colourful new visual identity as inspiration, Design Collective freshened up the space using bright turquoise and complimentary sunshine orange.

To bring the contemporary African design element through, geometric patterns were used on the floor and hand painted details on the bulkheads.

A strong design element on the entrance side walls in the vivid colours evokes an uplifting feeling, inviting patrons into restaurant.

The sparkle has brightened up the restaurant making it feel fresh and original.