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Interior Architectural Design

Loyalty and collaboration breed truly original art

Breathe life into your habitat

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the true essence of the space – Design Collective

Interior Architectural Design in our habitat

We believe that Interior Architectural Design is about more than just “decorating” a room or building. We distil our passion for concept design into an original, personal character that gives your spaces a voice and ambience.

There’s art to be found at the core of interior architectural design, and we are the specialists who bring it to life.

Our unique conceptual approach to interior design:

We give your interiors and architecture which deliver a human experience, creating and inspiring spaces from design to construction. Our global exposure allows us to generate inspiration based on design trends from every corner of the world and apply them in our own unique style.

Concept. Design. Construction

Our Design Ethos

  • We aim to create functional design which stays true to its materials and respects the constructions methods we use to bring it to life. 
  • We stay true to the context of the site, respecting its heritage and enhances the cultural influences in the surroundings. 
  • We create financially smart design, making our participation a worthwhile investment.

Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness – Frank Gehry.

Expand possibilities through the power of design.

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About Design Collective

A global Interior Architectural Design company in South Africa

To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering – Thomas Manss

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Ignited in South Africa, our passion for interior architectural design has transcended international design barriers and borders. We’ve proudly worked on projects around the world.

South Africa
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia

The real significance of what we do
can found in how and why we do it.

Our mission: To grow design collective, increasing its footprint locally and abroad to attract work and opportunities from anywhere in the world.

Our Clients

Our Ethos and Philosophy

We believe in the principles of originality, dedication, collaboration, client satisfaction, and a healthy respect for deadlines and timelines. We aim to solve functional challenges in a timeless style and see the human experience captured in our work.

Anyone moved by the experience of great architecture understands the power it has on our perceptions of time and space. It evokes untold emotion and thought, enriching our lives through shape and colour.

We strive to recreate these emotions in our work and enhance the human experience through design discovery, using elegant, simple design to take our concepts to the world.

Our Process

Our approach to interior architectural design is firmly rooted in three core principles:

We believe that every project is an opportunity to explore, and we pride ourselves on providing design outcomes that enhance the human experience through the careful balancing of new and traditional ideas.

It starts and ends with our team: professional, knowledgeable, and experienced designers that have naturally gravitated towards our shared passion for elegant interiors and avant-garde architectural design where form follows function.

01. Originality of Concept & Design

There is nothing new in the world

but how we use the existing styles, materials, influences, and design that has gone before us changes how we conceptualise and bring our interpretation to life.

02. Dedication to Our Craft

Developing sound conceptual ideas

meticulously crafting designs, continuously communicating with our clients, and managing the final delivery with absolute precision and attention to detail. From concept to construction, we’re dedicated to perfection.

03. Collaboration & Communication

Collaboration is key

We connect our innovative design to your vision and expectations, constructing sublime interiors that are both budget conscious and rich in creative, artistic influence.

Our in-house interior design & architectural services

Our services are diverse, and this diversity enables us to design concepts and spaces that just make sense – from beginning to end, throughout the space, within the environment, and importantly, for your budget.

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interior design

The art and science of enhancing interiors with structural and aesthetic design.

conceptual design

An effective design concept makes the goal of the interior explicit and serves as the foundation upon which the interior is built.

architectural design

Structuring the elements and components into cohesive plans for ideas to work perfectly.

3d visualisation

View the details, the shapes, the space, and the ambience of your space before the build.


Finishing touches for the ultimate impact of space on the human experience.

material selection

The environment, culture, existing spaces and intended feel made flesh.

space planning

Movement, flow, and practicality for the best use of your space.

furniture design

Your style custom-built for interactive spaces, staying true to design and purpose.

Project Implementation

We ensure that every aspect of implementation is carried out to our exacting standards

Site supervision

We keep on top of the on-site activities for quality control and delivery date adherence.


We only work with the best contractors and materials, and will procure everything required for installation.

Installation coordination

We coordinate with clients, contractors, and our teams to ensure a seamless installation process.

Our Work

Our Interior Design & Architecture Portfolio

We specialise in the creative start and conceptualisation of new builds or refurbishments in the hospitality sector.

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City Hotels


Coffee Shops
High-End Stores


Private Residences
Luxury Apartments


Executive Offices
Open Plan Spaces


Aiport Lounges
Shopping Centres

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Get the latest design news and ideas, fresh from our explorations, international leaders, and schools of design on our blog.

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