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New and Young Africa themed Restaurant!

Nando’s, the South Africa based international chain of casual dining restaurants serving Afro Portuguese cuisine, continues to increase its presence in New Delhi with their first outlet in West Delhi at Punjabi Bagh.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Sumeet Yadav, CEO, Nando’s India said, “Nando’s Punjabi Bagh is representative of the new design philosophy – New and Young Africa, which is vibrant, fun and full of energy. Creative collaborations are key to the design approach, from visual identity, all the way through to the interior design of each individual casa (restaurant). Punjabi Bagh! You need not settle for alternatives anymore as now you’ve got your very own Nando’s! We hope you will enjoy our new style of restaurant and PERi-licious meals at Nando’s.”

In a collaboration with Design Collective, Yellow Wood and award-winning lighting designer Samantha Foeden, the Contemporary African inspired geometric patterns in bright yellow and bold turquoise are subtly stained onto the light oak wall cladding which creates a warm and inviting space. Thus, complementing the artwork and other design elements. These design elements include solid timber floors, an intricately designed timber ceiling, custom-designed pendants for the first time in India and carefully crafted tables and chairs which add a unique aesthetic to the Nando’s design language. The design is completed with the use of various lighting elements and methods to create a play of light, shadows as well as ‘high-lighting’ feature design elements.

With this new casa at Punjabi Bagh, Nando’s has introduced the new style of service, just like their restaurants globally known as the Hosted Cockerel Service Model. The new service is all set to make you feel at home. Nando’s believes in the concept of ‘Minha Casa e Sua Casa’ which means ‘Our Home is Your Home’. It’s all about sparking new connections and more power to the customer to be able to do his own thing. This starts from placing your order at the counter, to mixing your own bottomless soft drinks and picking a handful of your favourite sauces from the condiment station.

The Afro-Luso music directly streamed from South Africa and curated local art pieces from Southern Africa installed in the Punjabi Bagh casa add to the essence of a homely decor and is set to leave Nando lover’s enthralled. More than 13000 South African art pieces adorn the walls of Nando’s worldwide!

Source: Business Standard

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